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Meade Museum - Great site Gerald! On our Meade destinations...the Dalton Gand Hideout no longer has the             
"800" phone number. Thanks for the listings. 7/11/2018

Wallace County Vistors Bureau - Hi, thanks for creating this RV site! Thanks for promoting us! 7/2/2018

Black Jack Battlefield - Thank you for listing us on your website! You requested that we let you know
     about mistakes. Your listing has us as Blackjack Battlefield, but it should be Black Jack Battlefield.
     Otherwise everything is good. If there is anything we can do to help get word of your site out there,
     let us know. 7/2/2018

Dave - Stayed at RV park in Oberlin, KS nice & groomed sites 9/25/18

Hayes - Hey Gerald the ad you put together for us is perfect! Good As It Gets RV 12/20/18

Gerald - Broke down on I-70 west of Salina used this website to find a tow company. Would like to thank
      Auto House Inc, their tow truck driver he did an excellent job and very friendly. I would also like to thank                     
Ellsworth Service Center for letting us park our RV their until we were able to get it fixed, also found
      them on this site! 01/30/19

Marci,  Kansas Sampler - Your really giving RVers exactly what they need from gas stop to RV parks. 2/4/2019

Jim, Kold-Ban International - Our ads is very cool - Thank you! 2/12/19

Bruce - Was checking out your website and noticed the boxes don't display correctly on my iPhone, need to
     check it with my iPad and see if it lines up correctly on there. Anyhow thought I would let you know. Thumbs
     up on the website though! 8/6/19

Gerald - Just stayed a Walt's Four Seasons Campround. It was our first time here, new owner took over about 6          
    months ago. Their doing some updating, nice place putt putt golf and swiming pool. Check it out!!! 8/10/20

pjshort59 - Just visited the Route 66 Museum in Elk City, OK. Located by your site and awesome visit, Thank you
     Help Us RV 1.